Aluminum Foil and Grilling

Cleaning your Grill with Foil

Simply ball up some aluminum foil and use it to “scrub” the surface of the grill. It gets right in between the grill grates. Toss it in the trash when you are done. Using foil is easy and most of us have foil on hand in the kitchen.

If you are grilling at a campsite or park, you can make grilling surfaces clean by placing a sheet of foil on the preheated grill just before grilling your food. Don’t forget to scrub the grate with a ball of aluminum foil too.

Easy Clean-Up

Lining grill grates prevents cleanup. With a fork, make holes in foil for drainage and heat circulation.  Place on the hot grill grate and add food immediately.

Yummy Grilled Food

Add your vegetables to a foil packet to protect them from the intense heat of the grill, reducing dried out and overcooked veggies.

Grilled Fish

Wrap a sheet of foil around fish to make a fish boat for grilling. Foil keeps fish from falling through the grill grate, while the fish takes on a great grilled flavor. Place a sliced lemon in your fish boat to add some wonderful flavor to the fish.