Char-Broil AT405 4-Burner 40,000 BTU Gas Grill On Sale Save Big

The Char-Broil AT405 four-burner grill provides an amazing opportunity to get four burners without additional cost.

This grill features
two separate bar burners that each have side to side with individual
controls for variable cooking temperatures across the cooking

The four burners put out 40,000 BTUs heating the 680 square
inches of total cooking area, 405 square
inches comprise the primary cook surface and 275 square inch
porcelain wire swing-away rack.

The grill includes an 8,000 BTU
side burner with lid for a lot more versatility.

to some of the other grills from Char-Broil in this price range, this
grill is comprised of a durable porcelain steel lid and firebox, steel
shelves with tool hooks, and a step-up electronic ignition for easy
lighting when you’re ready to cook.

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Orion Cooker Smoker

orion cooker smoker

Barbecue fans rejoice as the Orion Cooker Smoker sets them free from the “ball and chain” effect of traditionally designed barbecue smokers. Everything about the Orion Cooker Smoker is top notch and designed with the novice and professional in mind. The old saying of “low and slow” no longer applies to BBQ.
With traditional barbecue smokers you are constantly spending you whole day; usually about ten or more hours making sure everything is just right. You spend your day tending the smoker, adding more wood, adding the charcoal, adjusting the heat to the right temperature, basting the meat, and agonizing over the point between done and overcooked. Not so with the Orion Cooker Smoker.

Using The Orion Cooker Smoker Is Easy

The Orion Cooker Smoker’s cooking process is simple and easy, using three cooking processes simultaneously: convection, steam and smoke (if you so desire). Once you have put in your meat, fish or poultry just put the cover on your Orion Cooker Smoker and fire it up. There is no need to check until the cooking time is up. You are not chained to this smoker, and the results, incredible every single time!
Many people ask how this is possible. The answer is quite simple, it’s the design. The Orion Cooker Smoker uses 100% indirect heat that creates convection current. Utilizing convection current with steam and again optional smoke means absolutely no cooking maintenance with the Orion Cooker Smoker and you will drastically reduce your cooking times producing “fall off the bone” perfection.

Fast Cooking Times With The Orion Cooker Smoker

Look at some of these cooking times people are experiencing with the Orion Cooker Smoker. A 20 pound turkey 2 hours and 15 minutes, that’s just 7 minutes per pound. Smoke 6 racks of baby back ribs in 1 hour and 15 minutes. A 5 pound Boston Butt 3 hours and 30 minutes. Or if you’re feeding an army, two, yes two 6-7 pound Boston Butts in 4 hours and 30 minutes. How about 2-3 pounds of salmon filets in just 1 hour and 15 minutes. The speed is only rivaled by the tender, moist and juicy results.
The Orion Cooker Smoker is made entirely of stainless steel for long life and good looks and comes complete. You will also get with 3 rib hangers with your Orion Cooker Smoker, which accommodates up to 6 racks of ribs, 3 cooking grates providing a spacious cooking surface of 398 square inches, a poultry stand with handle that holds a 24 pound Turkey, making it easy for lifting on to the plate. All you need to do is just fill your Orion Cooker Smoker, fire it up and forget it!
The only thing better than moist tender barbecue is fast moist tender barbecue. So forget “low and slow” and constantly being chained to your traditional BBQ smoker. Enjoy your family, friends and your food next time you barbecue with the Orion Cooker Smoker.

How To Buy A Charcoal Grill

When learning how to buy a charcoal grill there are just a two things you need to know. The first is the size of the charcoal grill you need. Secondly is the price of the charcoal grill.

Charcoal grill size is important based on how you are going to use and where you are going to store your grill. Grills in general come in a wide variety of sizes and the most common of those with diameters of 18 inches, 22 inches and 26 inches especially when it comes to Weber charcoal grills. When it comes to storing your charcoal grill be sure that the size you buy fits the space you will store it.

The most important part of how to buy a charcoal grill is with how you are going to cook with it. If you entertain large crowds a larger grill would be the right choice however if you don’t entertain a lot then a smaller charcoal grill will do the trick. The only other time size matter when buying a grill is if you plan on using your grill as a smoker. It’s not the same as a smoker but you can smoke meat if you buy a charcoal grill that has a large cooking surface. Just keep the coal on one side of the grill and the meat on the other side up as high as possible. Throw some wood chips on your fire and place the cover on the grill with the vents open. Adjust the vents accordingly.

We all want to get the best deal. Knowing how to buy a charcoal grill at the best price is no exception. Because charcoal grills are easy to assemble, usually in less than three minutes, buying charcoal grills online is where you can usually get your best price. When buying online you want to use a reputable company with a solid return policy.

Yes it really is that simple. Figure out the size you want and order it. You now know what to do and what to look for and just how to buy a charcoal grill that is right for you.

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Best Outdoor Gas Grill Has 53% Discount

One of the best outdoor gas grills that were recently rated by us and a leading online retailer, is still offering a 53% discount.

As stated in our August 16, 2008 post titled: Discount Gas Grills … Here’s 53% Off*.

This featured the Vermont Castings propane gas grill an exceptional value, especially with this BIG savings.

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Lapper Trays

Lappers, also known as Lapper Trays, were created to eliminate the biggest frustration with dining trays. Whether you are using plastic trays, wooden trays or metal trays the Lapper Tray will virtually eliminate your plates and glasses from sliding off your tray.

Imagine someone handing you a tray of food and as they hand it to you the dining tray tilts and the race begins. The plate takes an early lead to the floor but the glass is catching up quickly. Suddenly you shift the angle to compensate for the trays angle and the race starts to the other side. Which will hit the floor first the plate of food or the glass. Will our guest beat the balancing act and save the culinary delights you gave them. Or… will they end up on your carpet giving you a daily memory of that losing battle.

The Lapper Tray fixes that problem. The Lappers will:
1.) Keep your dishes in place
2.) Lapper Trays are dishwasher safe
3.) Store conveniently
4.) Lappers have handles that really work

The Lapper Trays are made of melamine, an extremely durable plastic. The key their non-slip feature is two fold. First they have indentations where the plate and glass go. Second they have a fitted anti slip silicone mat for both the plate and the glass. Therefore dishes and glasses stay in place when the Lappers are tilted or turned.

So go ahead, hand off that tray of food with confidence! These BBQ serving trays keep your barbecue safe. The Lappers are not only fun, they are also functional.