BBQ Serving Trays Keep Your Barbecue Safe

These new BBQ serving trays, known as the Lapper Tray keep your barbecue safe. How so you might ask. Well it’s simple. The new Lapper Tray as they’re called have an ingenious way of keeping that plate of barbecue you piled high, on your tray and not spilling on the floor. This dining tray is fantastic!

Remember the old laptop tray or serving tray made of plastic, wood or metal? Remember how, when you piled your favorite BBQ dishes on your plate and put it on your party tray it would slide around back and forth, to and fro? Remember how that created such a slippery surface that any hockey player would love to skate on?

Well the Lapper Tray has eliminated that slipping and risk of loosing your barbecue favorites from your BBQ serving tray forever. The secret is the specially molded trays fitted anti slip silicone mats. These mats keep your barbecue plate from slipping off your dining tray on to the floor or lawn. The Lapper Tray also keeps your favorite beverage from slipping off the tray too!

Here are 5 designs you can choose from:

Preppy Nonslip Dining Tray

Weaver Nonslip Dining Tray

Faux-Wood Nonslip Dining Tray

Crab It Nonslip Dining Tray

Camouflage Nonslip Dining Tray

So take those old party trays, tv dinner trays, tv tray tables, folding tv trays and toss them in the trash. The Lapper Tray will replace them all!

Let’s face it… barbecue is a terrible thing to waste.



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