Blue Cheese Burgers

How to make a great Blue Cheese Burger

Blue cheese burgers are a favorite meal at our home. The blue cheese adds just enough flavor and lots of moisture to the burger. I always start out with a blend of fresh hamburger. Hamburger meat with a higher fat content, like “ground round”, has a better flavor than lean ground beef. I buy one pound of ground-round and one pound of lean hamburger meat and blend them together. 


The blue cheese that I use is sold in the dairy or cheese case in the grocery store. It’s the blue cheese crumbles. The cheese is perfect to add to the hamburger blend. When I add the cheese to the hamburger, I just use my hands and work it in. Sometimes pieces of the cheese end up on the bottom of the bowl; I just tuck them into the burger patty later.

Hamburger and Blue Cheese Crumbles

Once the cheese has been added, I form the burger patties. I like to make my burgers big and I yield about six to seven burgers. You can make them smaller if you like. I don’t add any salt or pepper to the burgers. They have a perfect flavor with just the cheese.


After the grill is heated and ready, you can add your burgers.


Cook your burgers for about 4 minutes per side or until you think they are done to your liking.


They are wonderful served on a plain bun and even better on a fresh onion roll.