Enjoying a Healthy BBQ or Cook Out

How to Enjoy a BBQ Without Giving up on Healthy Eating

If you’ve ever gone to a cook out or BBQ and felt like there is nothing healthy to eat, read this. I found that making wise choices ahead of time will help you avoid making bad food choices. Here are a few tips to make your cookout or BBQ fun and enjoyable…and healthy.

  • Bring Your Own Food -If you’re going to a BBQ or cookout, ask if you can bring a side dish. There are many great and tasty side dishes to bring that are low-cal and not full of fat. A veggie platter with a lite dip is a wonderful choice. Fruit salad is a healthy side dish and is refreshing on a hot day. A tossed salad with a lite dressing is always a hit. Bringing extra food is almost always welcome at a BBQ. A sliced watermelon will be a favorite for all ages.
  • What to Grill – There are alternatives to traditional BBQ foods to grill. Instead of a full-fat hot dog, try a lower fat or turkey dog. You can buy hamburger with lower fat content or use ground chicken to make a delicious burger. Hot dog and hamburger rolls come in whole wheat or reduced calorie. My family has really gotten into grilling veggies. Some of our favorites are large mushrooms, summer squash, zucchini, and asparagus. Just brush the veggies with a little olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Grill them on the top level and be careful not to burn them.
  • Stay Away From.. – Greasy chips, salads loaded with mayo, the desert table…unless it is fruit or low cal.

Blue Cheese Burgers

How to make a great Blue Cheese Burger

Blue cheese burgers are a favorite meal at our home. The blue cheese adds just enough flavor and lots of moisture to the burger. I always start out with a blend of fresh hamburger. Hamburger meat with a higher fat content, like “ground round”, has a better flavor than lean ground beef. I buy one pound of ground-round and one pound of lean hamburger meat and blend them together. 


The blue cheese that I use is sold in the dairy or cheese case in the grocery store. It’s the blue cheese crumbles. The cheese is perfect to add to the hamburger blend. When I add the cheese to the hamburger, I just use my hands and work it in. Sometimes pieces of the cheese end up on the bottom of the bowl; I just tuck them into the burger patty later.

Hamburger and Blue Cheese Crumbles

Once the cheese has been added, I form the burger patties. I like to make my burgers big and I yield about six to seven burgers. You can make them smaller if you like. I don’t add any salt or pepper to the burgers. They have a perfect flavor with just the cheese.


After the grill is heated and ready, you can add your burgers.


Cook your burgers for about 4 minutes per side or until you think they are done to your liking.


They are wonderful served on a plain bun and even better on a fresh onion roll.



Summer Grilling

Summer time is my favorite time to grill. My family and I often cook out at our neighborhood pool for our evening meal. Our favorite foods to grill are veggies, burgers, ribs, and salmon.

When we grill at home, I feel like I’m getting a reprieve from cooking. The grill makes cooking meals so much easier for me. The clean up is a breeze! The best part about grilling is not heating the house up. Just turning on the oven for 20 minutes heats up the kitchen so much. Grilling is great!!!