Omaha Steaks Review

We’ve given Omaha Steaks as family Christmas gifts for years, but never tried them ourselves.  I’m a bit of a hack on the grill, and I certainly didn’t want to turn a fine cut of meat like an Omaha Steaks filet into shoe leather – or burn up that kind of money.

Recently we got an Omaha Steaks gift card, so with little to loose, we finally tried their bacon-wrapped filets. They were fantastic!  However, they would have been even better had I trusted Omaha Steak’s cooking instructions.  In my infinite grilling wisdom, I added one minute of grilling time to each side, and they were just a little overdone for our taste.  Still, they were tender, tasty, and succulent.

So, next time I’ll follow the instructions precisely for a perfect steak. Omaha Steaks are still a little pricey for us, but now that I’m not afraid of ruining them, we’ll put them on our Christmas list as well.