Char-Broil AT405 4-Burner 40,000 BTU Gas Grill On Sale Save Big

The Char-Broil AT405 four-burner grill provides an amazing opportunity to get four burners without additional cost.

This grill features
two separate bar burners that each have side to side with individual
controls for variable cooking temperatures across the cooking

The four burners put out 40,000 BTUs heating the 680 square
inches of total cooking area, 405 square
inches comprise the primary cook surface and 275 square inch
porcelain wire swing-away rack.

The grill includes an 8,000 BTU
side burner with lid for a lot more versatility.

to some of the other grills from Char-Broil in this price range, this
grill is comprised of a durable porcelain steel lid and firebox, steel
shelves with tool hooks, and a step-up electronic ignition for easy
lighting when you’re ready to cook.

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  1. J. Futchko :

    If you are looking for a good gas grill and you are on a budget, then the $170 for this is probably a good buy. Frankly I don’t see the need for $500, $800, $2000 grills that are mostly name buying or grill envy inducing. You buy a grill to cook food not to be backyard bling. If you one of those huge backyard million dollar mansion types, then your not reaidng this anyway and move on to you Weber’s and such. For us down to earth people this will suffice.

    I’ve read alot of reviews saying that the directions are utterly useless and hard to understand. I don’t know if Char-griller re-wrote the directions or what but I didn’t find them difficult to follow. Maybe if you are the type that only looks at the pictures to assemble things, you might have a little prblems, are they are all in grey scale and not color, but even the picies are marked with stickers saying things like, “this side faces inside” or “this is the long wired burner tube”. Sometime you might even feel alittle insulted that they tell you the burned tube has a longer wire attached because its some 4 inches longer and VERY obvious. But the directions have words besides pictures and they are quite clear on what to do and what pieces you need. Plus the screws/bolts/washers are very nicely packaged with sizes printed on both sides of the pack.

    I’m not mechanically inclined by anymeans, but save your wallet some heartache and put it together yourself. all you need is one phillips head screw driver (maybe a pliers for when you attach the warming grate). But other than that its simple to assemble, eventhough it took just over two hours doing it by myself. But even the directions tell you that you need two people. Well you don’t. The hardest part is getting the cart legs to stay put when your attaching the all and connecting them.

    There was only one piece that I had to bend slightly to make it fit and that was the front panel. There was alittle too much bend in the top of the piece but once I bent it down about 10 degrees it fit perfectly. As for the rest of the grill, everything lined up perfectly and went together without any naughty words needing to be uttered.

    This grill heats up very quickly, but then again I’ve never had a gas grill before so maybe everyone does, but I can get the temp to 600+ in around 5 minutes.

    The one thing that I noticed is that there seems to be quite a bit of manufacturing oil residue. And it is real sticky when you putting the top and bottom grill barrels on. The directions say to run it for 15 minutes with the ild closed to get rid of it, but there is still quite a bit left. Maybe I just got an oil happy factory cutter, but I won’t speculate on that.

    The surface area is quite large for the over all size of the grill. Most grills seem to be wide and shallow where as this is quite deep and could be an optical illusion, but nice size for my family of four.

    I’ll update with more comments when I get a few meals put on this.

    Over all I am very happy with the grill and my decision to assemble it myself.

    The three piece grate system seems to stay in place well enough and should present a problem. They are also porcelain coated cast iron and should hold the heat nicely and be easy enough to clean. Another cleaning feature I like is the easy to reach drip pan. some people have written that it doesn’t drain well, but I can’t comment on that yet, but will in an update post later. The nice sized pull out pan seems large enough to not have to worry about it overflowing except in the large of cookouts doing multiple full loads.

    I was very suprised at the weight of this grill for the cost. This looks and feels like a heavy charcoal grill (probably since Char-griller is more known for that type of grill). I liked it better than the shiny, “polish me every weekend” looking cookers out there and it lends itself to being rather manly in appearance as apposed to a lot of the fairy foo-foo stuff out there. The box weighed around 90 pounds and assembled with the tank on it it still sits around the same weight, so I don’t think anyone short of tornado ally dwellers need worry about it blowing over, even with a cover on it.

    I would have liked to be able to have those lava rocks or similar things in the bottom of the grill to help against flare ups from the food juices but there doesn’t seem to be alot of room to put stuff like that in there as the heat shields are within a few inches of the grates. I remember a friends older grill have lots of room and the burners/heat shields were under all the lava rocks and it looked nice and it helped with flare-ups quite a bit, but it seems all the grills are made like this now. Hmm. I wonder why.

    One thing I’d like to see changed is the thin side tray. Not so much because it feels flimsy, because it feels solid enough to hold stuff, but when you move the grill, I’d like to see something alittle more robust to grab hold of to move this 90+ pounds around with.

    In closing, if you want a gas grill, don’t have alot of money, want a masculine look, buy this. remember its the quality of the cook that makes a good meal and not spending alot of money on asthestics.

    Anyway, I’m off to the store to buy some grilling food so I can update this later.

  2. Honestly speaking – I don’t typically do reviews or endorsements because quite simply most products just don’t do that much to impress purchasers. You buy a car and expect it to work, and it does work – done. A product performing the way it’s supposed to isn’t overly impressive, where as a product not performing as expected certainly gets a rise out of purchasers. Now – when it comes to the Char Broil Magnum 340 – OMG! I bought a grill and I expected it to cook food, but boy were my expectations set way too low. Others have written how well this grill performs, and I’m a believer now!

    I had a smoker grill designed to convert to a standard grill for cooking steaks and chops, and it wasn’t worth a dime. I had owned standard full-size grills in the past (most recently one of the Charm-Glow grills from a national home improvement store but it went under national recall and parts weren’t readily available), but thought the convertable smoker would be ideal. Since realizing the smoker was no good, it was time to buy another standard grill – besides, I don’t really have a need to make too many pulled pork sandwiches or my own bacon). I spent a lot of time doing research, reading reviews, and talking to employees of local home improvement stores until I found one that owned one of the larger Char Broil infrared grills. He swore by it. My only decision was how large a grill to buy. Since I mostly cook for 4 people and fewer, this grill became the perfect choice.

    First off – the fit and finish of this grill are great. Build time is approximately 1 to 1.5 hours depending on how fast you’re moving, if you’ve laid the parts out ahead of time, and you’re working alone (time would be less with another person assisting). One suggestion to purchasers – don’t fully tighten bolts until toward the end of assembly. There are certain connections that are easier to accomplish if the parts already on the grill have some give to them.

    As for the performance: There’s plenty of real estate on the grates to easily cook medium size steaks, potatoes, and grilled vegetables enough for four people all at the same time. The dual burners allow you to create a fast grill on one side and a slow grill on the other in order to cook at different temperatures. The warming rack enables you to move plenty of food off the cooking surface as things are done – enabling you to take all the food to the table at the same time (there’s little worse than hot vegatables and a cold potatoe on the same plate). As for the way this grill cooks meat – be sure to read the little grey book that comes in the box. It will tell you that for a 1.5 to 2 inch steak, cook it on high for between 4 and 6 minutes on each side. For the inaugural grilling session, I bought a 2 inch thick boneless ribeye (steakhouse cut), and followed the directions exactly by cooking for 4 minutes on each side. The steak came out perfectly. After cooking and resting the meat for a minute or two, I sliced the steak across the middle and the juices ran freely. While resting the meat, hardly any juice at all formed on the plate, which attests to the searing ability of this grill. Looking at the steak across the cut – there was 3/8ths of an inch of full cooked steak around all edges, and a perfectly pink warm center everywhere else within the steak. Excellent!

    If you’re in the market for a new grill – please do yourself a favor and take a look at the Char-Broil Commercial Infrared line. It’s well worth your consideration.


  3. David Michael :

    Very helpful post man, thanks for the info.