Recipe For Pulled Pork, A Family Event

Preparing our recipe for pulled pork is a family event at my house. My wife and daughters love to help prepare for the day and they love to get everything ready for our guests. A day or two before you plan this recipe for pulled pork, you need to purchase the meat and put the first coat of our secret dry rub.

The cut of meat you will need for this recipe is called a Boston Butt.  To make the pulled pork recipe, take butt out of the packaging and place it into a pan.


Next rub a coat of our special dry rub all over it, turning it from side to side and upside down.


Cover the Boston Butt with plastic wrap and refrigerate.

On the day I smoke the meat for this recipe for pulled pork, I start early in the morning, usually by 7 a.m. with the following steps. First get the coals started by piling the charcoal in the smokers charcoal tray into a pyramid looking pile. Next squirt a little lighter fluid over the pile. Take and light a match and drop it on the coals. The smoker is going.

I let the coals burn for about 35 – 40 minutes. They need to get nice and hot, and the lighter fluid needs to burn off before continuing on to the next step of this recipe for pulled pork, placing the Boston Butt on the grill.

As the coals are getting ready, I pull the butt out of the fridge and rub in another of our special dry rub. Once the butt has been rubbed, we take the water bowl and fill it 2/3 of the way with water. The water bowl goes just above the coals and wood chunks in the smoker. I squeeze half of a lemon in the water and place the squeezed lemon in the water bowl. Next, I add the peppercorns, apple slices, ______, and  _________ to the bowl.

Now it’s time to smoke the Boston butt. I place the butt on the top rack of the smoker, fat side up. Next, place the water bowl in the smoker just above the coals. The final step in this recipe for pulled pork is spreading the coals in the tray and adding the wood chunks.

I close the door and the smoke begins to billow out.

I’ll add more wood chunks and charcoal every hour and 15 minutes for the next 10 hours. I also check the water level in the tray and add water as needed.

Around 5 p.m. I’ll check the temperature of the meat, the butt is done when the temperature inside reaches 190°, not over 195°.  I then remove the Boston butt and place it in a Le Creuset Dutch oven and cover for about an hour. Once the meat has had time to cool we pull the pork and serve.

Our family and friends enjoy our meal and never have leftovers! Everyone enjoys this recipe for pulled pork.